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Accident Repairs in Ascot

Does Your Vehicle Need Alloy Wheel Refurbishment or Repair Services?

Specialising in crash repairs, end of lease car repair work and all types of car body repairs, our family-run workshop restores alloy wheels to their previous condition – and all with a beautiful finish at an affordable cost. Experienced in accident repairs and a history of serving drivers from the Ascot area, we carry out alloy wheel refurbishment and repair work to an impeccable standard. Whether you need crash repairs or notice everyday wear and tear, Bodytone will remove the damage in a fully stocked and modern workshop.

We appreciate that few drivers in Ascot will know what to look for when checking over their alloy wheels. Below, we outline the most common signs of wheel damage, so you can visit a trusted garage before the problem escalates.

Accident Repairs | First-Class Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and Repairs

Much like car body repairs, alloy wheel repairs lend an aesthetic quality to your car in the Ascot area. More than just the visual touches, these repairs enable a smoother drive as well as your continued safety. This is because damaged wheels will struggle to maintain high speeds and cause the engine to work harder than usual.

Ignoring wheel problems may lead to more costly crash repairs down the line. Here at Bodytone, we check over all finished car body repairs, accident repairs and end of lease car repairs to guarantee you come away fully satisfied. This approach makes us a trusted choice for motorists in Ascot and the surrounding areas.

The Common Causes of Wheel Damage

Collisions can create cracks in the alloys, eliminate the protective layer and lead to rust. However, not all issues prove as obvious, and you might need alloy wheel refurbishments or repairs after driving over a pothole. You could also mount the kerb while trying to avoid a dangerous driver, causing a scuff or scratch to the wheel but avoiding large-scale crash repairs in the process.

Known for end of lease car repairs, accident repairs and cosmetic car body repairs in the Ascot area, Bodytone can check for issues only obvious to skilled experts.

Watch Out for These Signs

Although it takes a time-served technician to fully inspect your wheels, there are several signs you can watch out for. Visiting our workshop as soon as you see any of these issues gives us a chance to perform the required alloy wheel refurbishment work, and deliver car body repairs that prevent further problems from arising.

  • A strange rattling sound that occurs when you drive

  • Responsiveness issues and a lack of handling

  • Deflation of your tyres on a regular basis

  • Increased fuel consumption every month

  • A less comfortable drive that demands more effort

  • A scratch, scuff, crack or dent in your alloy wheel

Travelling around the Ascot area shouldn’t be a chore. Speak with our friendly, family-run workshop for car body repairs, alloy wheel refurbishments, accident and crash repairs. We also undertake end of lease car repairs to save our customers from hefty fees.

Whether you need alloy wheel refurbishment, accident repairs or car body repairs in the Ascot area, call Bodytone on 01344 307 207.


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